Monday, July 6, 2009

Newton vs Harish - Round one begins!!!

"Every action, has an equal and an opposite reaction", recited the students, including me.. I really dint understand which action and what reaction but I just moved my lips.. Suddenly, the short, stout and witch looking Suvidha Maam, called my name... I was in my own dream world though, replaying every stroke... played by Sachin.... the previous day, promising myself to play for India in the future....Rakesh, a fat and smelly class mate of mine whom I hated to the core, nudged me and brought me back to reality.. I instintictively stood up and was out of the class in a flash after I failed to repeat the physics rhyme, thus maintaining my long standing reputation of being an OUTstanding student.

Here started my hate relationship for Newton. I have never been a fan of Newton, essentially because he is related to physics and studies!! To be honest and fair to him, my liking (also read as IQ) towards physics was not a cat-ion (GRE word in Physics for positive)..

Anyways, I always blamed the Indian education(grrrr...another cation) for being too theoretical and needed to be more practical and applicable to everyday life. So being a staunch follower of Gandhi, I wanted to practice what I preached... Thus, I wanted to apply the theory on my favorite subject of all...History - which brought OUT the best(?) in me, to such an extent that even the paneer sabji that I had in the afternoon was not spared!! Anyways, my first application of the theory was, the lesser I studied; my result would be equal and opposite, i.e. higher marks and better success. Thus I studied nothing, not unusual though and went to the exam hall head held high.. I pitied the geeks of my class, who were cramming and banging their heads with the book lest a mark be missed!! Alas, there came the result.. 1/100. That one mark was due to a multiple choice question answered 'correctly', more so by fluke. Then came my next practical lesson, this time at home. My parents, being well educated, had high expectations and the result was, my bicycle was cut for a month until I do the re-exam better. Here is when my hate towards Newton and Physics grew more, though he never really cared.

People who know me, would wonder how I completed B.E. in EEE, which has too many circuits and laws for my liking. The only law I liked was a rich Father-in-law, which was the main motive behind my completion of B.E. It was always a cat-on-the-wall situation, if I was to B.E or not to B.E. But having completed a B.E, I am yet to realize my dream though. This sad story is for another blog though, as I am starved with topics and would need to continue this strenuous journey of bragging..err.. Blogging!

Anyways, I would never forgive Newton for his out of the ordinary thinking, simply because it resulted in fatter text books and more studies...

Round two.. to be continued..


  1. Wooohoooo..Marvy, fab, far out. This one is really good.

  2. Gr8 job!! Can hardly stop laughing..waiting for round two!!

  3. cool one dude..... i think the story remines the same in evry1's life..... not evry1 is frank enuf to tell their life story openly.....

  4. Gr8 job!...Well narrated.
    BTW u must say thank you to Diamond, newton's pet dog...who in advance understood our probs and destroyed lots of research papers prepared by newton!