Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pain in the Rain!!!

It was a dark and windy night, the wind blowing with all its might!

There I was sleeping on the park, snoring away to glory like a ferocious shark..

Hurtling down came the droplets of rain, which made me look at the sky with utter disdain..

There she came, as bright as lightening.. A face similar to Picasso's painting..

I was mesmerized by her smile and hair.. possessing eyes which showed so much care..

She suddenly looked at me with an awesome smile, which made my heart sore a nautical mile..

She advanced towards me with an MP3 player, silently answering my vehement prayer..

Her perfume was smooth and of the highest quality, which made my heart dance with surprising agility..

I smiled at her and introduced as Harry.. As if she was the girl I was to marry..

She said she was Reena with a musical ease, as lovely as ARR's masterpiece!

We walked around with droplets of rain, slowly introducing me to the lovely pain..

I was joking around with my sense of humour.. Content of pleasing her with my friendly manner..

Is this love? Is this pain? Dreaming was I..

When she touched my hand and said she had to go.. It seemed liked an electric shock right till my toe..

Alas, we had to bid adieu with a heavy heart.. Convinced that she was my lifetime sweetheart..
Eagerly the next day I dialed her number... it was killing to know that it was that of a plumber!!


  1. Wow !! From prose to poetry,such a fast progreesion. keep going buddy.

  2. " the the rain
    I am walking on rain...
    in the rain...
    Why do I feel so alone..
    It isn't here that I belong."

    Fabulous man.

  3. ooh nice lines, so do fairies carry mobile phones ?

  4. Hey harry i read it...n loved it tooo espicially few lines which were tooo gud dat ends wid...picaso's painting, agility, and harry and writing :)...btw who is reena? is she real?