Monday, June 29, 2009

Cat on the wall.. U'll definitely fall..!

Rocky was in a state of shock! He was paralyzed, not knowing what to do. His palms were sweaty, ears red with fear and his feet was so cold, that it could have put a corpse to shame.

For the first time in his life, he was in an unfamiliar position. He had to take a 'decision'!!!!

Rocky was a kind of a person who would agree to anything being told and would take a safe path such that his answer is always 'Maybe' rather than Yes or No. His diplomacy was to such an extent that he would drive his vehicle in the median, lest someone misunderstands that he is supporting one side of the road!!

There are number of Rockys in this world who are unable to take decisions, influenced either due to internal or external factors. Thanks to the corporate world, the number on this section of the crowd have multiplied and number of frank and forthright people have dwindled to a great extent. The art of survival has become not to tell anyone their point of view and just accept the way it is. Is this the way the world would go forward? More followers and less number of leaders? Agreed, too many leaders in a team would spoil the party.. but we are definitely not dealing with the problem of plenty here!!!

So, we have two factors leading to this kind of behavior; internal and external. Internal is where the person's attitude is not to take any decisions and later blame the others for the decision taken. Dependency on External factors beyond their control is also high as self belief is minimal. Birth of these two factors, is the baby called 'Diplomacy'. Being diplomatic, a few years ago, was healthy. One was trying to avoid some major conflict and was used more in the political arena. But now its cliched.. the first lesson being taught when you grow up, is 'Be Diplomatic'. Being like this would help in the short run, would keep their life going along at a smooth pace. But somewhere down the line, they would face a problem of having to make a decision that would hurt one of the parties involved and yet, its not in them to take one! Also, when your perennially diplomatic, the trust on the person plummets into an abyss. You really would doubt whether the particular person would stand up for you in case of any emergency! As the saying goes, 'Trust is something money can't buy, for everything else there is MasterCard.'

There is a solution to every problem. Here, there are two solutions. One, is being diplomatic in situations where it necessitates the particular action. For example, if your boss is asking, "Hey, am I looking bald??", sanity should prevail and the answer must be, "Of course not sir, its suiting you just fine". One would be a fool to be forthright here. But, when it comes to situations where one could take a decision,most important thing to remember is - Its impossible to satisfy everyone's whims and fancies. Rather, the policy should be to satisfy the most important of the people and the others left to their own fate. Accountability is a must and the person to evaluate is the individual himself....

Thus whether Rocky chooses a tricky path of walking a thin line, and falling eventually, or be courageous enough to take tough decisions is left to him. But, which one would be taking??


  1. Depends on who you work for or the situation you find yourself in. Try a 'diplomatic' boss for size. Candour and openess will only get you into conflict with someone who does not acknowledge the problems from outside while holding you responsible for the overall situation at hand.

  2. Very well put... I can see the frustrations of work place blogging out! ;)