Sunday, June 21, 2009

Butter and Jam - Traffic Jam!

The maddening traffic in Chennai has made me start blogging. Thank you 'Singara' Chennai.

My day of travel on the road starts with adding on to the list of 'acquaintances' in my life, that has been on a steep rise. The blissful words that is exchanged is of highest quality and doesn't involve the individuals alone, but also the entire family members and future generation.

Then comes the bliss of watching two wheelers, zoom their way past the traffic and make a mark of their presence on my car. Moreover, its a real treat, especially when your in a hurry, to watch two of them on either ends of the road and speak to each other, with no room for the car to pass in between. I must add that 4 wheelers are equally co-operative and occupy the complete road.

With the government in a mood to construct fly overs to add on to their already bulging bank accounts, is another cause to rejoice for commuters like me. It would be crude to miss our law makers, the traffic police, who don't wear their helmet and come on the wrong side creating a havoc. Of course, they are beyond rules you see..!! And yes, not to forget the pedestrians who are highly motivated to cross only when a vehicle is 1metre ahead of them and challenge the driver to hit them. I almost forgot our newly designed aeroplanes that fly on the road, also branded as 'autos'. They are free to move from left to right, up to down and also to land his plane in the middle of the road, and bargain with his customer about how high the fuel prices are and his 'tender' heart of charging nominal rates!!

Chennai's strength is equality and we don't mind cows, dogs, deers and donkeys crossing/sleeping on the already 'wide' roads! To top it all, driving license has been given to color blind commuters too, who due to their inability, honk even when the signal is red! Chennai roads are a testimony to how life is all about - UP & DOWN! Kudos to our government's attitude towards teaching a lesson to the voters! Wish they could also give lessons that pot holes are not wash basins to spit and lane driving isn't that bad after all.

After such an eventful journey, I reach my office, only to find that I have forgotten my ID Card - Could anyone help me get it, PLEASE!!!???


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha!...nice one...I liked the three wheeled aeroplnes!
    These road jam are not jam yet...these days it has become pizza! we are just toppings on itz sticky base...once you are there you hardly make an exit!
    good way to add spice in life!
    Keep writing bro... :)

  2. Thanks a ton shaddy! I m glad that ur still positive about we retaining our positions as toppings, rather than left overs! ;)

  3. Brilliant bro...m always impressed from ur new talents ....... In your language , Trust me its amazing....on a serious note very well expressed , liked the way u used some metaphors.....

    Kudos and keep writing....

  4. the good news is nano comes out this year... [:D]

  5. nice post - liked the sarcasm.. hopefully, ur next piece will be emotional...

  6. Lol... way 2 go dude. Perfect blend of humour & sarcasm.. A good read on the whole... And on the exchange of "Blissful words".. How can i forget them... Che che.. No No!! :)

  7. Too good buddy!!! The wit and humour are pefect to describe the situation at hand,,,
    looking forward to your next piece .....

  8. ??? :)

  9. finally, i get to comment on this!!!
    very well written.... who thinks of traffic in these these days??? only but you.. keep up:)

  10. Lol....Thats funny! You really forgot ur i-card..thats sad.